Donated equipment a legacy of local amateur archaeologist


After seeing Stour Valley Community Archaeology’s recent article requesting tools and materials in the Sudbury Mercury, Great Cornard resident Marilyn Matthews decided to get in touch.

Marilyn’s husband, Mick, a keen amateur archaeologist and metal detectorist, sadly passed away last year. Mick participated in many excavations in the Stour Valley and loved metal-detecting, particularly in and around Little Cornard. It was there in 2005 where Mick discovered a Late Bronze Age hoard of socketed axes. Mick, as a responsible metal detectorist, immediately informed Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service of his discovery and this find features in the 2005/06 Portable Antiquities Scheme report.

Mick was a meticulous worker and all of his finds were well documented. After Mick’s passing, his finds and records were given to SCCAS to be housed in their archive.

But, what of Mick’s surveying and metal-detecting equipment? Well, Marilyn decided that Mick would’ve wanted SVCA to get some use out of it. Having inventoried the equipment, totalling in the £1000s, the heritage of Mick’s beloved Stour Valley will continue to be explored and recorded thanks to this kind donation.

And, so, we kindly say thank you VERY MUCH; we hope we do Mick proud.






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