Foxearth Heritage Centre Officially Opens

The heritage centre was officially opened today in Ss Peter and Paul church in Foxearth, Essex by Dr Carenza Lewis. Ashley Cooper, local historian and chair of Foxearth History Society, also spoke of the dedication and hard work of those in the local community in keeping local history and heritage alive. Corinne Cox, who is also a member of SVCA’s committee, was on hand to relay tales of Foxearth through the years and discuss the results of last year’s HLF-funded project in the village. Corinne has written ‘Foxearth Treasures’ which can be purchased for £5, with all proceeds going to help the church fabric fund. The mini-heritage centre has been set-up in the back of the church, displaying finds and photographs from the village. One of the highlights of the display is a palaeolithic hand axe dating 400,000-200,000 BCE. The display will change every month and all are welcome to come and visit.







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