Goldingham Hall Dig Day 1


Goldingham Hall Day 1

Today’s dig was dedicated to the memory of the late Mick Matthews, whose vast collection of archaeological equipment has been given to the group by his widow Marilyn. It was lovely to welcome Marilyn on a visit this afternoon, and we hope that she enjoyed her tour of the site with Historian and Landowner Ashley Cooper.

Today we were led by the amiable Cat Ranson from Access Cambridge Archaeology. Although she was ‘the boss’ she ably guided us towards confidently managing our own work in the future. Ashley Cooper was our attentive and knowledgeable host; many thanks to him for allowing us to continue to dig this site.

Trench A

Feature 3: a ditch containing burnt ash and charcoal as well as the jaw bone of an unidentified animal.
Feature 15: another ditch curving around a cobbled area and containing burnt ash and clay.
Feature 14: an oven, which was partially excavated last time; we have now reached the bottom.
Feature 10: a linear feature containing bone and pottery.

Features 3, 15 and 10 will be excavated again tomorrow. As this was the trench where the pig was found last time, who knows what we might find!

Trench B

Feature 16: a wide, deep ditch (we are still trying to find the bottom) where today we have found a large quantity of medieval pottery and bone.
Features 17-18: a ditch terminus and a pit
Tomorrow we will continue to excavate both features, although feature 16 is getting so deep Jane was beginning to wonder if she would ever escape!

Trench C

Feature 8: a pit containing oyster shells and charcoal. Today, another pit was found cutting through it.
Feature 7: has been fully excavated and contains a linear feature and a pit



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