Goldingham Hall Day Three 25.05.14

Well, another good day excavating at Goldingham Hall, Bulmer, and this time the weather was on our side! We could even have an al fresco lunch.

Special thanks go out to Aldous Rees who was a superb ‘site director’ today.

So, here are the updates from the trenches:

Trench C

From beneath the packing material of the post-hole feature came a sherd of green-glazed pottery. Although this appears to be an earlier form of green-glazed pot with a very thick, grey fabric if this feature is indeed a post-hole the age of the building has come forward significantly. We will await pottery analysis to confirm a more precise date.

Further along in Trench C, Phil removed the darker material from the slot and cleaned up the opposite face to see if we could find this supposed pit revealing itself. We’re going on the theory that this is a pit within a ditch (of course!)

Trench B

Trench B continues to go down, down, down…..The ditch just keeps going! We will pursue getting to the bottom of this one, both literally and figuratively, next weekend. Meanwhile, yet another large pig jawbone was found at the bottom. (So much pig!)

Trench A

Lots happening in Trench A. The flint surface feature was removed by Peter to find it was lying on a chalk bed, at least clarifying that this flint surface was purposely put here…..but why? Near this flint surface Ashley and David came upon another oven feature. There were differing opinions as to whether it’s the top or the bottom of an oven. We will await Carenza’s instruction next Friday before pursuing this feature any further.

Near to all this Steve diligently carried on revealing several new features if very few finds. What will the ACA team make of this?

And, Abi carried on with the small side extension to the original oven feature. Analysis done last year tells us that these ovens were for bread making. With all the pig bones coming up from the surrounding area, I wonder how many bacon sarnies have been consumed on this site!

The afternoon saw Aldous giving a training session on planning and drawing, a skill which is invaluable if SVCA want to be more self-sufficient.

And, Graham did a bit of metal-detecting around the spoil heaps.

So, we will pick back up next Friday-Sunday with supervision from Dr Carenza Lewis and Cat Ranson of Access Cambridge Archaeology. Our Open Day is Sunday, 1st June 2-4pm, so if you’re interested in what’s been happening or would like to find out more about our group, pop on down and have a look.

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