Goldingham Hall Dig Day Four 30.05.14

Today’s report from the trenches comes courtesy of Aldous Rees.

Today started with a good clean of all the trenches, due to sections and surfaces being damaged by the wet weather. Once this was finished a number of features were continued.

Trench A
In trench A the ditch feature which appears to truncate the oven was continued down, within the clay lower layers of this feature burnt clay and a piece of pot was found. The oven was also cleaned and photographed today. Once this was done the edge of the oven was carefully removed so its construction could be determined.

The oven feature with ranging pole in place

Trench A

The ditch which truncates the oven possibly joins up with another ditch feature found last year. Further cleaning and digging tomorrow should help determine this.
The rest of the flint layer was removed by Ashley and a mini digger. This has revealed what could be a possible ditch or posthole. This feature is defined by a chalky soil on the majority of it sides. A section will be dug through this tomorrow determine what it is and to get some dating evidence.

Ashley moving the spoil heap with a mini digger

Trench B
Trench B once again continued to dig the large ditch feature, this produced bits of pot and bone. The other features in this trench were photographed after the cleaning had been done. The plan for tomorrow is to continue down and draw the sections.

Feature 17 – photographed with ranging pole to show scale of the feature


Diggers hard at work in the big ditch in trench B

Trench C
Trench C produced a few new features today once the cleaning had been done. This new feature appears to be a small pit or posthole and could possibly form part of an aisled building. Feature 8 which was thought to be a posthole last year was dug to natural on one side and the rest will be completed tomorrow.
The other pit or posthole feature (22) next to this one, had the edge defined and the bottom has been found. The flint with an apparent face on it looks like a natural stone, but it looks like it eyes have been defined to make them stand out. This is likely to have been deliberately placed within the feature.
The other features within this trench which could either be a ditch or another series of postholes produced a nice piece of pot today.

The aim by the end of tomorrow is to have decided what is happening. This site doesn’t seem to stop throwing up great finds and surprises.


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