Goldingham Hall Dig Day Five 31.05.14

Today was yet another brilliant day on site at Goldingham Hall, Bulmer. As today was the last full day of excavating on site the focus was to try and reach conclusions on the features we’ve been diligently excavating over this weekend and last. We were joined by Cat Ranson of Access Cambridge Archaeology whose opinion and supervision were invaluable.

Trench A

Trench A was again a hive of activity on various features, producing some exciting finds.

A view of Trench A

Abi attempts to conclude what is happening in the original oven feature

Peter mattocks through the circular feature which was revealed yesterday

This worked flint implement (of probable late Neolithic/early Bronze Age date) came from the fill of the circular feature

Nick, Lorraine, Paul and Tim “Keep Calm and Carry on Digging”…..

…..and find an interesting iron arrowhead

Trench B

Trench B had a small but dedicated team today who carried on earnestly trying to get to the bottom of that ditch

Trench B gets deeper and deeper

Trying to find the bottom

Trench C

There were three features being completed on Trench C today along with planning and recording

View of Trench C

Corinne gets stuck in

The “rock face” (and now SVCA mascot) from Trench C’s post-hole feature

Tomorrow is our Open Day, from 2-4pm. If you’re interested in what’s been happening here at Goldingham or would like to find out more about SVCA, please pop on down and see why…..

…’s fun to be in S-V-C-A!!!


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