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Goldingham Hall Post Excavation Work 02.06.14

Today was a much quieter day on site with only a few SVCA members completing some much needed post excavation “tidying up”.

Aldous and Jane carried on with the painstaking task of planning and section drawing in Trenches A & B. Aldous especially has gone above and beyond the ‘call of duty’ on this excavation and has been a one-man paperwork machine! We will really miss him when he goes off to Southampton in the autumn to pursue a doctorate in marine science.

Peter and David were on hand to clean, catalogue and organise all of our equipment, which can be a thankless job, but one which is really appreciated.

But, it was Tim Dennis ‘polecam’ which made the biggest impact on site today. Tim graciously gave of his time to photograph all the trenches and features and to survey the entire site. The final images are still being processed but will reveal a bird’s eye view of the trenches.

The polecam

Aerial view of Aldous and Jane recording in Trench A

First sample images of the initial oven features in Trench A

Polecam Selfie!


Goldingham Hall Dig Day 6 01.06.14

The final day at Goldingham did not disappoint and the weather was absolutely beautiful. The archaeology, whilst answering a few questions created several new ones. Our Open Day afternoon was also a great success with around 50 people visiting the site, a few of whom signed up to SVCA on the spot! Again we were lucky enough to have both Dr Carenza Lewis and Clemency Cooper of Access Cambridge Archaeology on site to provide support and muscle.

The group really came together and chipped in to do all the jobs that needed to be done. A massive finds washing effort took place in the tea shed, Ashley and Julie were tour guides and the trenches saw lots of recording, planning and still some excavation occurring (with only a few puzzled looks!) Here are some pictures of the day:

Finds washing assembly line

Visitors have a look round

Ashley greets visitors with the history of the Goldingham Hall site

Planning out Trench C

Corinne in the large post hole

The large stone in the bottom of that posthole in Trench C

We finally reached the bottom of Trench B!

…..and that smile proves it.

The Trench B team carried on sieving, especially as bone and pot were still coming up at nearly 2m down

And, in Trench A we possibly have a total of 7 bread ovens, this being one of the best preserved

Carenza points out features in the section of the circular feature discovered under the flint surface removed earlier this week

Andy and David recording those features

Graham carries on excavating the ditch feature which provided the in situ arrowhead on Saturday

Dave reads his updated version of The Lady of Shallot, dedicated to Carenza

Matthew, one of the youngest on site, gives us his version of the soon-to-be-named rock face

And, a very special guest, Ruth Steed who lived at Goldingham Hall nearly 90 years ago

So, taking a step back and looking at the entire site we can see a structure of some sort whose inhabitants were being provided bread and pork from the nearby kitchens and depositing their rubbish in the pre-existing ditch. There is so much happening on this site, that SVCA hope to revisit it in the future.

Special thanks go to the Essex Community Fund, Ashley Cooper, Marilyn Matthews, Access Cambridge Archaeology and the SVCA committee and members. Well done on our inaugural dig!