Goldingham Hall Post Excavation Work 02.06.14

Today was a much quieter day on site with only a few SVCA members completing some much needed post excavation “tidying up”.

Aldous and Jane carried on with the painstaking task of planning and section drawing in Trenches A & B. Aldous especially has gone above and beyond the ‘call of duty’ on this excavation and has been a one-man paperwork machine! We will really miss him when he goes off to Southampton in the autumn to pursue a doctorate in marine science.

Peter and David were on hand to clean, catalogue and organise all of our equipment, which can be a thankless job, but one which is really appreciated.

But, it was Tim Dennis ‘polecam’ which made the biggest impact on site today. Tim graciously gave of his time to photograph all the trenches and features and to survey the entire site. The final images are still being processed but will reveal a bird’s eye view of the trenches.

The polecam

Aerial view of Aldous and Jane recording in Trench A

First sample images of the initial oven features in Trench A

Polecam Selfie!


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