Goldingham Hall Excavation Day Three 13th September

The third and final day of digging at Goldingham Hall in Bulmer, Essex began with tantalising features and questions and ended with the same. This site just keeps revealing its secrets a little at a time!

Trench D (one of the tidiest trenches of all time!) possibly contains beam slots relating to the structure there. All of the postholes and pits in this trench have been excavated and most have been recorded already. It will be great to get the dateable finds analysed to reveal a more specific date for this complex!

A view of Trench D

Sarah hard at work with a mattock

Cat, Ellie and Louise recording features in Trench D

Major labour was needed in Trench E today as excavating on several larger features needed to be concluded. The dark ditch feature which appeared on the original geophysical survey was completed as were the rather confusing pits in the centre of the trench. These pits produced several pieces of quern/millstone made from an igneous rock. Perhaps this part of the site was a production area where grain was being milled, dried and threshed? Those bread ovens aren’t so far away!

A team of strapping men (some young, some young at heart) dealt with the ever-deepening ditch features at the far end of Trench E. The layers are clearly evident and this feature will be finished tomorrow. The layer of large flint nodules was removed this morning (could this have been the threshing floor?) but the chase for the bottom of the ditch continued all afternoon as finds kept coming up. What will tomorrow reveal?

Trench E

Graham excavating the pit features in the centre of Trench E

Pieces of the quern/millstone from these pit features

Adam and Chris get to the bottom of things

“Poet” Dave finds the ditch coming through

Cat points out a few things

We had a few visitors around site today and Ashley graciously showed them around. Just a reminder that our Open Day is tomorrow 2-4pm. Please pop on down to see first hand what’s been happening over the last few days.

Ashley and David discuss the geophysical survey

Ashley explains the Goldingham Hall site to some of today’s visitors

SVCA would like to say special thanks to Cat Ranson, Access Cambridge Archaeology, David and Aline Black, Ashley Cooper and Aldous Rees.


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