Goldingham Hall Excavation Day Four 14th September

Today was spent recording, photographing and planning the new features and trenches at Goldingham Hall. Our Open Day this afternoon was well attended with several local people paying a visit to the site. Julie and Ashley gave tours and we had a lot of positive feedback. We were also fortunate to have Dr Carenza Lewis of Access Cambridge Archaeology on hand today to summarise initial thoughts on the features and finds brought to life over the past few days of digging.

Final finds washing

Recording in Trench D

The structure in Trench D may indeed be two separate buildings. There is both evidence for traditional style separately placed post holes as well as posts placed in one long post trench. This appears to marry up with similar features in Trench C, parallel to D. The early horseshoe nails and Jew’s harp recovered from this trench point to the higher status for this part of the Goldingham site.

Fiddlehead nails from Trench D

Steve, Peter and David get to the bottom of things in Trench E

Julie shows some of today’s visitors round Trench E

Trench E further down the hill is in stark contrast to Trench D. This looks more like an area where many day to day processes would have been carried out; milling, brewing, butchery etc. It is worth noting that this area is downwind of the manor dwelling site! Goldingham Hall would have been fairly self-sufficient during the medieval period with various servants and craftspeople working together to meet the needs of the lord and lady of the manor.

Carenza explains some of the finds to some of our young visitors today

It was another successful dig for SVCA and we were lucky to have beautiful weather over the four days. This site keeps presenting more questions every time we dig here, but we are fortunate to have the opportunity to excavate here. It is our aim to keep returning to Goldingham in the future; who knows what may turn up next time!


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