Continuation of SVCA’s Inaugural Excavation at Goldingham Hall

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Continuation of SVCA's Inaugural Excavation at Goldingham HallMembers of the recently formed Stour Valley Community Archaeology (SVCA) continued their archaeological investigation of Goldingham Hall with supervision from ACA last week.

SVCA organised and ran their first archaeological excavations at Goldingham Hall, near Bulmer in Suffolk, at the end of May, continuing the excavation of three trenches (A-C) opened the previous October. The aim of their three day dig this September was to open another two trenches (D and E), close to those already dug, in order to shed further light on the posthole and ditch features identified by the landowner, Ashley Cooper, seventeen years ago and confirmed by a geophysical survey conducted by David and Aline Black in 2013. Goldingham Hall is documented in the Domesday Book as the site of a medieval manor and the programme of community excavations so far have revealed a range of features dating from the 10th to the later 14th century…

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