Goldingham Hall Dig September 2014 Comes To An End

Sunday 14th September concluded a very successful dig at Goldingham Hall, with a great turn out of people coming to our open day. This might have been the last official day, but work still had to be completed on Monday.

Monday was attended by David Gevuax, Peter Hart, Tim Dennis and Aldous Rees. David and Peter came to finish off section drawings and help Tim set up and take photos. We are very grateful to Tim Dennis for taking vertical photos of the site (see example image below) and plotting in the positions of all the trenches with a total station. This will give us an exact location of the trenches within this field.

Photo 1: Image of trench D from above – showing building

One of the most exciting discoveries of this dig had to have been the millstone pieces which are indicative of a mill being present on our site. This mill could have been a post mill or a water mill, lower down the hill on Belchamp Brook. It would be exciting to find the location and type of this possible mill in future digs.

The building in trench D also did not disappoint during this dig, with a number of horse nails and a Jew’s harp coming out of the postholes. The nails could be late Anglo Saxon, but are most likely to be around 1200 in date. This helps to give a date for this building.

Photo 2: Image of the nail found

Photo 3: Jew’s Harp

To make sure that we did not miss any metal finds within the spoil heaps, Tim Fairbairn spent an afternoon metal detecting and found another horse nail from Trench D.

Photo 4: Tim metal detecting spoil heaps

We would like to thank everyone who volunteered on this dig for making it so successful and helping SVCA discover more of Goldingham’s secrets. It surely will reveal many more in the years to come!!

Photo 5: Aerial view of the site from Tim’s pole cam


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