Audio Recording of the ACA 10th Anniversary Public Lecture

Stour Valley Community Archaeology was formed thanks to the efforts of ACA. Have a listen to Carenza’s recent lecture here.

Access Cambridge Archaeology

Audio Recording of the ACA 10th Anniversary Public LectureHear about the pioneering archaeological outreach work brought to members of the public by the University of Cambridge’s Division of Archaeology, including Dr Carenza Lewis talking about ten years of Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA).

A recording of the event ‘From Time Team to Archaeology for All’ is available to listen to on the University of Cambridge’s soundcloud account here, as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

Dr Jody Joy of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology begins with a summary of the museum’s public events and outreach activities bringing people into the university before ACA’s Director, Dr Carenza Lewis, talks about her decade-long work to enhance people’s educational, economic and social well-being through active participation in archaeology outside the university. Carenza’s talk starts at 7:56 in the recording.

Photos of the lecture and of the reception afterwards taken by ACA’s archaeological supervisor, Catherine Ranson, can be…

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