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Experimental Archaeology at Goldingham Hall with Gestingthorpe History Society

The wattling and daubing of the structure surrounding the soon to be re-created medieval bread ovens began in earnest today. Members of both SVCA and the Gestingthorpe History Group truly got “stuck in” with the project. This journey into experimental archaeology will hopefully give us greater insight into the building, use and eventual deterioration of the medieval bread ovens discovered on the Goldingham Hall site. It also gives us a greater appreciation for the amount of skill and labour that would have gone into their construction and maintenance.

The first wall is up and ready to be daubed

Where one oven will eventually go

We used twine to bind the hazel, but we’re not sure what would’ve been used originally.

A window

A selection of freshly stripped hazel

On site. Note the denser green patch of hand-scattered bread wheat, hopefully to be used in future loaves.

The hazel en route from the wood behind the tea shed. Keepin’ it local!

Spreading of the local clay

And the pond provides the water

A ‘maypole’ or ‘grabbing post’ just in case we get too stuck in!

Sticky stuff

Mixing it all together

Approximately 10% of locally sourced (from a Sudbury DIY store) sand is added

And further mixing

And now for some real manpower……

…..or in this particular case, ladypower!

Daub time!

Double daub time!

Site dog approves

Stay tuned for further developments.

Experimental Archaeology with Gestingthorpe History Group

Gestingthorpe History Group & Stour Valley Community Archeaology are having a weekend of Wattle and Daubing on the 15th & 16th of November. Our aim is to construct and render the walls of our Saxon Hovel and begin construction of the bread oven(s) which will be built inside. All are welcome to pop along to Goldingham Hall in Bulmer to assist or merely watch us get muddy. The tea hut will be operational and all donations of cake will be enthusiastically accepted. We look forward to seeing some of you. Given the shorter daylight hours, we would suggest a start time of 9am.