8th In The East Airfield Survey at Sudbury Airfield

On Saturday, 7th February members of Stour Valley Community Archaeology met at Great Waldingfield Village Hall to learn about recording WWII-era airfields through the HLF-funded project, 8th in the East.

IMG_5373The group

Community archaeologist Martin Cuthbert delivered a presentation focusing on styles of airfield buildings, map reading and surveying techniques before the group departed into the cold to put some of this new-found knowledge into practice at Sudbury (aka Acton) airfield.

IMG_5376-0The old radar shack in its current state

IMG_5357-0Corinne and Martin look at Nissen huts used as barracks and storage facilities during WWII

IMG_5377Reverse view of the Nissen huts

With spirits high and minds keen SVCA are planning on undertaking further surveys in 2015 at additional airfields in the Stour Valley, possibly starting with Lavenham. Further details will be put here on this blog or sent out via email.

IMG_5360An aircraft hangar


One thought on “8th In The East Airfield Survey at Sudbury Airfield

  1. I have visited Sudbury Airfield Many times, and i find it a place of interest. However, what Sudbury has, and many WW11 airfields don’t, is a fuel dump, albeit in a sorry state.
    I have visited the Airfield over a period of eight years, after moving here from colchester.
    When i first spotted the fuel dump it was in relatively good order. But it is now it a very sorry state and close to falling down. The fuel lines are still there, but even they have rusted to detritus.
    It is still worth a look,and you can get a good idea of the buildings importance to operating a active airbase.
    It is located near Newton Green, and you can park on one of the old hard stands on Acton road. Walk across the road, and after a few yards turn left. It is a few hundred yards ahead.

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