SVCA Medieval Graffiti Blog Up and Running!

Following the successful Medieval Graffiti Survey day on the 1st March, we have set up a linked blog especially to record the surveys being undertaken by our members.  You can use the link on our ‘About’ page or visit to catch up with the work already undertaken and the churches which still need to be surveyed. 

The idea is that when our members complete a survey they forward the record form and photographs both to the Suffolk Medieval Graffiti Survey and to – further information and full instructions are on the blog.


We will display a selection of the graffiti images gathered and update the register, thereby keeping a track of who is doing what and when.  We are happy to post a request on the homepage if any SVCA members would like to get together to carry out a survey. 


It is worth stressing, that even if a church has already been surveyed, a keen pair of eyes is always welcomed to search out that elusive graffiti, often found lurking behind a hymn board or under a cobweb in the choir stalls!


Thanks go to our members Frances Barker for setting up the blog, Peter Hart for compiling the list of Churches in the Stour Valley and Julie Thomson for the ongoing maintenance of the site.



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