Goldingham Hall Dig (May 2015) Day 1 

Over 20 SVCA diggers joined forces to start this year’s excavation at Goldingham Hall. Aldous Rees is our site supervisor again this year and we were supported today by Cat Ranson and John Newman of Access Cambridge Archaeology.

  Trench F gets started

After a good clean back of Trenches E & F the digging began in earnest. Trench E, supervised by David Gevaux, had a hard day mattocking through flint, flint and more flint in the western end of the trench and came down onto a 20th century drain in their quest to discover more about the series of ditches. At the eastern end a further post hole and possible pit were uncovered. Some 12th-14th century pot sherds were found and a nice flint scraper also turned up! 

 Flint scraper from Trench E
  New Trench E post holes

  The “flint zone” 

Trench F, supervised by Corinne Cox, was a bit easier going and several pit, post hole and ditch features were excavated. Several sherds of pottery, including early medieval Thetford ware and some decorated, were found from the various features in Trench F. This would seem to further indicate that this part of the site predates the area at Trench E. 

 Early decorated pot from Trench F

  Cat Ranson offers advice to Trench F

  John and Aldous 

Work also continued on investigating the “subterranean” oven and John Newman’s expert oven advice was greatly received. 

 Chris and the mystery oven 
Funded by a grant from Braintree District Council the dig carries on until Sunday, 31st May. Join us on Sunday for our Open Day 2-4pm to have a look round the site and see what has been found!

  The many features of Trench E


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