Goldingham Hall Dig (May 2015) Day 3

A report from Aldous Rees, site supervisor

Today was a lovely sunny day on site and progress was made in all trenches.

Trench E managed to bottom the big ditch and in the process found a lot of animal bone.
  Trench E ditch with ranging poles.

The ditch with the black fill was completely dug out today for dating evidence and a pit adjacent to this was continued. This pit is looking prehistoric as very little pot is present. Bone and a lovely flint blade have been found as well as a piece of quern stone.
  Flint blade from trench E

  Quern stone from trench E

In Trench F all the ditches and features progressed well and many of these features were drawn and planned. These features continued to produce nice pot fragments and bones. 

It was encouraging to see many people drawing and recording their own features today. Much more will be done tomorrow. 

  recording being done in Trench F by Jane Crone

Cat and Maggie recording in trench E

Trench A, also known as the oven trench, also progressed well today with members of Gestingthorpe History Group possibly finding the stoke hole. This is great and shows more about these structures.

A special shout out of thanks goes to Dave Dignum who spent the day washing and processing the finds.

Tomorrow is the final day of this excavation which will be spent focusing on recording and planning. Our Open Day runs from 2-4pm when tours of the entire site will be given. Please come along to see our discoveries and learn more about the history of this site and how you can get involved.


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