WWII Signatures Project at The Swan Hotel with Eighth in the East

SVCA has embarked on an interesting project with The Swan Hotel, Lavenham and with The Eighth in the East group.


On Wednesday 3rd June, SVCA committee members Peter Hart, Corinne Cox & Phil Cox, along with SVCA member Anne Grimshaw, met with Martin Cuthbert (8th in the East Community Archaeologist) and Jane Larcombe (Business Development Manager, The Swan at Lavenham) in the Airmen’s Bar inside The Swan Hotel.

This famous bar was a popular watering hole for many Allied Servicemen during WW2, who were based nearby. It became the favourite venue for many US Airmen based at Lavenham, who signed their names along with their rank, place of origin & mission successes on the plaster walls between the timber beams in the bar.
The project has two phases, the first, which has been completed, is the careful photographing of the remaining signatures and other information. SVCA members are now invited to help transcribe and enter the information onto a database for 8th in the East.
The second phase will be for interested SVCA members to research the lives of the servicemen and try to find links with existing relatives, so as to build up a picture of life in wartime East Anglia for posterity.


Corinne & Phil at the SVCA tent

This project was highlighted at Monday’s Lavenham Carnival where members of the public were invited to get interested in and join in with the project.


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