Hunting for Old Goldingham Hall

This morning some of our members enjoyed a convivial visit to the Gestingthorpe History Group dig at Goldingham. Over the last few months they have been searching for the site of Old Goldingham Hall in the wooded area near the pond.

News from the trenches is as follows…

Trench B contains an intriguing large pit, investigations will continue…

Trench C contains soft debris, burnt red bricks and may be the site of a hearth. A brick from the early 1500s was found here.

Trench F is showing early signs of a floor.

Questions to be answered are

  1. Are we finding material from the edges of buildings or the edge of a pile of building debris?
  2. It looks as if we are finding signs of occupation on different levels. Are we looking at a cellar, foundation holes for chimneys or something else?

Many thanks to Gestingthorpe History Group and Ashley Cooper for making us so welcome.






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