DAY TWO of the Gestingthorpe Romano British dig.

29th May 2016

Another day of fine weather and conviviality with good friends old and new! Many thanks to Ashley Cooper for making us so welcome at Hill Farm.

News from the trenches 

Area A: Work was hard going on heavy clay. However the team worked cheerfully and found some interesting Roman greyware pottery. What are they digging? They have no idea!

Area B: We are unsure if the ditch we’re working on is natural or man made. Interestingly it shelves gradually on one side and steeply on the other. Plenty of pottery has been found but very little bone.

Area C: More pottery has been found in the area of clay. In the post hole area a collapsed yellow ocher wattle and daub wall has been found with pottery underneath. See below:

Area D: The ash filled post hole was planned and some of the team moved into Area E: Here a possible ditch was dug  containing fragments of bone and pottery including a jaw bone.

Area B with Area C in the background.                Wattle and daub in Area C







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