Our final day of this dig was not as warm or as sunny as previous days but our spirits remained strong, the number of members attending was still high and everyone had a great time. It was especially good to see so many young people coming along, a sure sign that the future of archaeology is bright. Plans and sections have been completed and notes made so that we can return to carry on later this year.


AREA A: This area was finished and planned beautifully thanks to one of members who is an architect. One interesting find was a lovely pottery base. see below.DSCN1929

AREA B: This area is still a mystery; is it a stream, a ditch or has it been both? Our student members enjoyed carefully removing pottery and some very fragile bone from B1.DSCN1933

In B 2 Ashley was able to show us something he has found previously on this site; the bottom of a ditch isn’t always where you think it is. Today we found pottery underneath an area of clay that could well have been mistaken for the natural. We will be returning to this area later in the year to complete our investigations….DSCN1938Area C: Work continued on the area under the cobbled causeway. Under the wattle and daub found yesterday there is an area of burning. A post hole seems to go through the whole lot!

Area E: This area is adjacent to Area D and contains dark fill and some large pieces of pottery. Two of our members worked very hard here today, I’m sure that they’ll sleep well tonight! (won’t we all)




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