Report on an Osteoarcheology course attended by 2 of our members.

20160709_16041120160709_145843David Geraux and Peter Hart went on an interesting course last weekend. Here is David’s report.

We had a very full day over at the North Hertfordshire Museum led by Dr David Klingle a leading osteoarcheologist from Cambridge University.

In the morning’s series of lectures were learnt how to determine the various ways to determine sex and age of human skeletal remains and identify and record any signs of injury, disease, malnutrition and certain vitamin deficiencies.  We were a small group of twelve students and in the afternoon were divided into groups of three, being given boxes of skeletal remains from the large Romano-British grave site at Baldock.  We had to unpack and reassemble the bones and put into practice the skills of sexing, aging and identifying any different pathologies, learnt before lunch.

If the opportunity of another course comes up, I would strongly recommend others from our group to attend.  It was an immensely enjoyable experience.


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