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What’s going on at Clare Castle this week?

Many thanks to one of our members who went to Clare Castle to see what was going on today. This is what she found out,
‘Jim Leary is site manager.(the project is managed by Reading university)
Reasearch is funded by the Leverhulme Trust and the project is ‘Extending Histories/Roundmounds project.All the info is available on these sites.
They are currently drilling 2 boreholes and have currently reached a depth of 11 metres out of a possible 15 metres……they are unable to go much further I think.
The bores are 10 cms in diameter and are driven into the soil with a machine,the tube is pulled up every 1 metre,the soil remains in the tube and will then be sent to Reading for further investigation.
Finds in the soil may include charcoal,seeds,plant remains and may indicate a previous neolithic mound under the motte. They have already seen some charcoal so the signs are good!
Eventually they hope to obtain a date for the mound,a plan of the mound and the landscape around it.Check out the websites for more info.
I have attached some photos of the machinery used and the tube containing the soil sample.’