Monthly Archives: October 2016

Gestingthorpe Romano British update

22nd October saw a loyal and enthusiastic group of members enjoying one last day of digging before the winter sets in. We uncovered a little more of the cobbled area and continued to find small pieces of pottery packed around the cobbles. Perhaps we’ll sneak back for another day before Xmas, we’ll let members know by email if that is the case.

A level archaeology

The exam boards are proposing to scrap some A level courses including A level archaeology. If you feel strongly about this read on…
Further details on the issue can be found on the Council for British Archaeology website:-
A petition to the Government has been opened and needs our support and takes very little time to do, especially when using a facebook account. The link can be found on the CBA website article or here:-

The Nayland dig is over?

Many SVCA members have been involved in the Nayland dig – the final day was Sunday,

16 October. Interest in the earthworks began over 2 years ago when Ellie Mead suggested that geophyics expert Tim Dennis examine the area within in the scheduled Ancient Monument once consent had been obtained from Historic England. Possible structures were identified, so permission was sought to carry out an excavation planned by local people and undertaken under the watchful eye of Suffolk Archaeological Services’ expert, Lindsay Everitt.

A squared end church, complete with altar has been found, overlaid by a later tower or semi-circular apse. Construction materials used include reused Roman brick and tiles, Kentish ragstone and septaria. In addition the inner moat has been sectioned. Backfilling will now take place so that the site is ready for the next generation of archaeologists. Some questions have been answered, but many more remain to be answered and even more have now been proposed.

Bulmer Romano British Dig Phase 2: 7th-10th October 2016

Day 3 of our 4 day excavation at Bulmer ended abruptly with a heavy shower of rain. Luckily this did nothing to dampen the spirits of the very happy group of SVCA members who came to dig this weekend.

In Tench A we have at last managed to find  a ditch which first appeared in a magnetometry survey of 1999.

Trench B and Trench C have now been joined and we are investigating a cobbled area that connects the 2.