Trench C was widened towards the south east and the extent of the flint cobbled area revealed. Beyond this there is an area of compacted clay with pottery, chalk & charcoal inclusions. Several sherds of pottery were discovered at the western end of Trench C, including some fine bases and rims. A small, cut coin was discovered in this area as well.

Trench F has revealed some large flints and a few pottery sherds but it is not thought to be an extension of the cobbled flint feature in Trench C.

There were some new members of SVCA present today, who had never taken part in an archaeological excavation before, all of whom found some large sherds of pottery during the day. There were also members who had travelled all the way from Bristol and Hertfordshire to take part in this weekend’s excavations once again……..the ambience during the day was as usual, happy and friendly, participants commenting on how much they enjoy coming along to our excavations and discovering new skills in such a welcoming environment.

The sun shone and members took the opportunity to visit the beautiful Bluebell woods at the end of the day’s digging.

There are a few places available for Monday & Tuesday if any members would like to join us….contact Corinne at


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