More sherds of early Roman pottery were uncovered today, those closer to the ditch system (Trench B) being larger rims, bodies & bases. Some fine examples were discovered by one of our members, Cliff, who travels to the excavation each day from Hertfordshire. Having found the rim of a large vessel he later discovered a large portion of the body which fitted the rim perfectly!

Cliff couldn’t resist sending a wave to his brother Mike, who had to travel back home to Bristol & so wasn’t able to participate again today!

Further areas of Trench C were uncovered to determine the spread of the flint cobbled surface, which now appears to be a path or trackway leading to the ditch. Further investigations will now take place to determine whether the pathway extends beyond the post hole at the north-east end of Trench C.

Another enjoyable day’s excavation…..complete with lunchtime donuts & ‘Digger’s’ chocolate Digger biscuits!

Hard at work after all those donuts & biscuits!

If you would like to join us for the rest of the excavations then contact Corinne at


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