SVCA Romano British excavation Days 4 and 5

Day 4 saw Ashley digging out a new area to excavate to the east of area B with the aim of establishing whether the cobbled area continued any further. While he did this the rest of the team worked on area B in order to establish the profile of the ditch and see what other  finds were there. We found some interesting first and second century pottery including rims and bases.

The final day of the first phase of our 2017 excavations of the Romano-British site dawned bright and sunny, a perfect day for digging but in true ‘Time Team’ tradition we made some interesting discoveries just as the day was drawing to a close!!

Having opened up an area of Trench C  to the north of the post hole discovered last year, we found ( as Corinne predicted!) that the flint cobbled trackway does indeed continue northwards and is the same width as the feature south of the post hole, possibly constructed for the passage of an ox cart. On each side of the trackway there is a man-made tamped clay surface, packed with small sherds of pottery, flint and grey ash.

Trench F, to the south of the ditch in Trench B, was extended once again and a cobbled area, possibly a continuation of the trackway in Trench C began to be revealed. Some hard work with mattock and trowel (Oh that baked clay!!!) revealed more sherds of fine pottery and then after lunch a few teeth! After some careful and painstaking trowelling by Corinne, a complete lower jawbone and upper jawbone of what appears to be a boar, were revealed, lying on top of the large flint cobbled area. Although the acidic nature of the soil had caused the bone to deteriorate, it was still possible to denote the upper skull and to observe that all the teeth in both the upper & lower jaw were still embedded and complete. The length of the teeth and the narrowness of the head were unusual but if not the result of compression from the soil above, might suggest a wild boar or iron-age pig. 

The lower jawbone also was embedded with a small piece of cylindrical iron material….is it how the boar was killed?    

Our aim during this first excavation of 2017 was to determine whether or not the cobbled area in Trench C extended beyond the post hole and beyond the ditch in Trench B….this has been answered. The next phase of excavations, at the end of May, will be to see just how far and to where it leads……..have we found the missing trackway/road????

We have amassed a considerable amount of pottery sherds which will be processed during the year as well as some good finds : a bronze penannular brooch, some  bottle or vessel glass, a cut coin…….but unfortunately no bone or walrus ivory hairpins !!!!!!

Feedback from the 24 members who took part in this phase of the excavations reveals that all enjoyed their experiences (except the hard clay!) and commented on the happy and welcoming ambience we provided.

If you would like to join us for the next excavation at this site, which takes place from Friday 26th – Tuesday 30th May, please contact Corinne at 

or 01787 379410

Much to think about, further analysis is needed.

Remember the Goldingham Pig ? Perhaps we now have the Old Barn Boar!!!!!!


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