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Friday 26th May was the first day of Phase 2 of our 2017 excavations of the Romano-British site at Bulmer/Gestingthorpe.

Despite some very hot temperatures during the day our members set to work with much gusto attacking the clay and continuing to open up more of Trench C & Trench F. The excavation at the end of April had revealed what appears to be a flint cobbled trackway or droveway which possibly continues on the other side of the ditch, Trench B. The aim today was to widen (with the help of Ashley’s digger) and extend Trench C as well as Trench F, to determine the extent and direction of the cobbled areas. More sherds of pottery were discovered above and packed around the flint layer as well as Ashley’s find of the day, a piece of green/brown glass.

Peter Nice also uncovered another piece of animal horn in a similar context to one he had found in Trench C last year, amongst the flint layer.


DAY 2 ( Saturday 27th May 2017)

Armed with sunhats & covered with sunscreen, more members joined yesterday’s intrepid diggers…….however, a thunderous sky soon erupted in a heavy downpour of hail & rain which meant that much of the sunscreen was washed away! Bravely carrying on (the clay was a bit easier to dig for a while!) but having to shelter for a while mid-morning, we soon dried out as the sunshine, clear skies & heat returned later.

Just before midday Ashley brought a group of visitors taking part in the SVEN ‘Rambles with Romans’ event at Hill Farm. The younger members of the group were given the opportunity to experience ‘hands on’ archaeology in an area of Trench A and in a very short time found many sherds of pottery, including large rims & small bases.

In Trench C more pieces of brown/green glass were found as well as a fine Samian base and a sherd of Iron Age pottery and older flint tools.

More small sherds of Samian ware were also found in Trench E



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