SVCA Romano British excavations day 4 29th May 2017

Members taking part in today’s excavations might be forgiven for thinking we were offering them the opportunity to experience life in the Somme trenches this morning! However, with good humour the waterlogged trenches were soon cleared with the aid of Peter Hart’s trusty canoe baler and as the sun emerged the clay began to dry out making life a little easier and boots a little less heavy!

New areas of Trench C were cleaned back by a few members whilst the majority set to work excavating more of Trench G26. Close to the area where the vessel containing the burnt material and bone were discovered on Day 3, a large femur bone as well as other bones were found amongst the flint area (species not yet identified). Lots of pottery sherds were also found in this trench and the edge of a ditch noted at the end of the day.

Thanks are due to all those members who braved the mud, some of whom had travelled from Hertfordshire and also some new members for whom it was their first day on this site.



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