Romano British Dig Day 5 30th May 2017


Day 5

The final day of Phase 2 excavations 2017 concentrated on Trench G26.  Day 4 had revealed a number of bones on the site, lying above the flint cobbled surface, all associated with pottery fragments. Those that were least degraded were carefully excavated & removed by Corinne during the day. What was thought to be a scapula yesterday was in fact a pig’s left lower jawbone. Teeth were present but most were de-laminated although still embedded in the jawbone. The femur (?) bone nearby was surrounded by pottery sherds and large flints but was successfully removed in one piece. The largest sherd of pottery found today was uncovered by a new member, Mary. It had incised grooves and cross hatching patterning on it.

Ashley was again pleased to be able to validate his earlier discoveries in this area, especially as some of the sherds matched the patterning of some he had discovered & recorded several years ago in this area. By the end of the day the outline and direction of the ditch running north-south could be clearly seen, along with pockets of burnt deposits and flint cobbles.

As the temperature rose during the afternoon, signs of increasing fatigue began to be noticed amongst diggers of a certain age, evidenced by the varied methods of sitting and kneeling whilst trowelling back the rapidly hardening clay. Phil, having misplaced his trusty kneeler/seat, resorted to using an upturned bucket, which proved to be more comfortable but also gave him an uncanny resemblance to ‘Oor Wullie’ (a cartoon character in the Sunday Post)!

Feedback from this phase of the 2017 excavations was very positive, everyone commenting on having had a most enjoyable, rewarding experience in a friendly environment and all eager to participate in Phase 3 which takes place from 28th September until 3rd October. Such was the enthusiasm to continue, that the first of a series of occasional excavation days has been arranged for Saturday 3rd June.  If you would like to book a place for this day, please contact Corinne : 01787 379410 or  e-mail :

Finally, a big “Thank You” to Ashley for all his support which enables these excavations to take place.                                                     (C.Cox)



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