Gestingthorpe October update

Although we’re approaching the winter months and a pause in work on our Romano British site several SVCA members gathered last Saturday, 13th October, to enjoy work on a warm and sunny day. Here’s a few photos from then and the digging days in August to keep you up to date.

Working on our flint covered ditch in August’
Continuing the work in September
IMG_0692 (3)
Excavating another deposit of pottery, bone and burnt material on 13th October
IMG_0697 (1)
We’re wondering what this area of dark soil is

4 thoughts on “Gestingthorpe October update

  1. Dear Jane,

    Many Thanks for doing the blog. think that it is really good to keep in touch and give everyone an update. Do hope that you have a good day on Saturday, With thanks and Kind Regards, Ashley

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Mr Cooper you will not recall but we have corresponded in the past – and I have visited the farm when back in UK but your father was the only person present He showed me his Romano British collection of items all some years back Howsomever I was wondering if you have written any more books? I have just been through some papers of a deceased uncle and found some recipes for concoctions “To make a Stallion Stand” and the like. I recall you made mention of such in your books. These recipes came from my GT GT grandfather one of the Cocky Smiths of Fordham I trust you are well Take care Rod Miller

      1. Dear Rod apologies I didn’t see your message until today. I will pass your message on to Ashley and let you know if there is a reply. Jane

      2. Dear Rod

        Ashley asked me to pass on his phone number to you, 01787 460641 and is happy to speak to you about your questions.

        Best wishes

        Jane Crone

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