Monthly Archives: June 2019

Work continues at Gestingthorpe – read on to find out more!

Working at Gestingthorpe is progressing well this year. During the cooler months a team of members have been identifying and processing pottery.

David Orrell and John Pegg tackle some pottery identification

We’ve also recently returned to excavate our site on Old Barn Field. Do take a look at our photos to see what’s been going on. 

Diggin 2
Peter, Jane, David and Peter continuing to explore the eastern end of Trench G26
Christine, Pam Louise and Mary continue work in Trench C
black area
Another area of black material excavated by Alan Border, at the Western end of G26


diggin 3
Nigel, David and Steve researching the ‘sooty black area’ of G26
diggin 4
Mary and Pam about to remove two very nice bases of pots which they found
base of Pam's pot
The pot base.

Our next events are a Pottery ID afternoon on Thursday, June 6th from 3pm – 7pm. There will also be digging at Goldingham on June 8th and 15th.  Do  contact us on if you  would like to join us. You need to be a member to take part in our activities, £10 for one person, £15 for couples or families.